Do you want to grow spiritually but don’t want to follow any fixed spiritual practice or Guru?

I was similar few years back. I was not inclined to follow any Guru or any fixed spiritual practice but I wanted to understand what is crux of spirituality and to grow spiritually. I wanted to learn from spiritual masters but did not want to commit to any Spiritual Guru. So, I started to explore spirituality in my own way by meditating, listening and reading various contemporary spiritual masters and books.

One day, in the state of deep meditation, thought of “I” disappeared and I found that I was NOBODY. That day was day of my FREEDOM. The freedom which I had never imagined- Freedom from Me. And, I was not the same person.


It took me further 6 years to reconcile this inner realization with mundane reality and stabilize in the new understanding. I spent whole 1 year in deep solitude and contemplation as all kinds of seeking and drive of doing vanished as it felt that NEW ME (which is not personal and is in me, you and in everyone) was the only existence in this universe and whole universe was happening in the NEW ME, just like whole dream world happens only in you. In the same way, I realized that this whole universe was happening within NEW ME and nothing in this universe is outside me, nothing in this universe is separate from me. I am the only reality of this universe and everything is happening within NEW ME. You are in me, I am in you. We are not separate, we are ONE. You are my NEW ME. I am your NEW ME.

Then I got inspiration from higher dimensions to serve people in their spiritual evolution and I returned in the mundane world to serve the individual souls in their spiritual evolution.

I help people to realize their NEW ME. You have no limitation, you have no compulsion. You are the soul owner of this universe. There is only an illusory confusion to you. WAKE UP!!