The Power of Awakened Mind

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Resetting the landscape of Personal Development and taking it to the next Height

The Power of Awakened Mind is book of inner empowerment and outer growth accelerator by developing and harnessing higher dimensions of mind. It helps to discover and free your hidden primal spiritual hero who has got trapped in self-identity prison based on various outer identities due to various social conditioning from childhood and deep mental conditioning. So at deeper level, at the back of mind, one is always engaged trying either to strengthen self-identity or to protect it which makes one vulnerable because outer identities are always vulnerable and subject to change. When you discover your deeper true being who is identity free and peaceful and joyful by it’s own, then you become fearless and greedless. You become internally stable and feel empowered within. When you feel empowered within, it builds empowered values in you. When you feel strong from within and have empowered values, your mind creates empowered thoughts. When you feel joyful and stable from within and your mind creates empowered thoughts, then it develops constructive and empowered habits which affects all dimensions of your life and help you to grow in outer life. This book conceptualize Higher Mind which is dimension of mind related to your identity free primal spiritual being which transcend from limited individual mind and get higher clarity and wisdom through access to universal Cosmic intelligence. So developing Higher Mind by removing identity blocks helps you to discover your true primal being and also help you to grow in outer life by maintaining peace, joy and stability within. This book also share simple and direct techniques how one can develop his Higher Mind and claim the Power of his primal spiritual hero by living family and working life. 

Developing your Higher Mind allows you to access ‘Fullness of Oneness’ which results undiminishable Inner Empowerment and rare Clarity which results:

    1. Heightened Self-Awareness
    2. Emotional Mastery 
    3. Empowered Thinking
    4. Heightened Soul Frequency to Cosmic Resonance which enables Fortune attraction and manifestation of Will
    5.  Purposeful Living
Challenges in developing Higher Mind:

In the Higher Mind state, you access state of ‘Nothingness of Wholeness’. This state of being initially does not feel comfortable to the people who have: –

    1. Deep Identity Blocks &
    2. Wide Emotional Fencing

which put challenge in developing Higher Mind.

This book is to mainly help following people:

    1. The people who wonder whether they have come in this world just for earning money and doing routine work and they intuitively feel that all these are important but are secondary and cannot be the main reason why they have come into this world. They intuitively feel that there is something deeper in life but they have no definitive clue. So, they are struggling with the deeper existential questions and inwardly suffering of directionlessness in life. This book provides insights and methods to dive deeper in the core of inner being which enables access to deeper realizations which resolves inner struggles and empowers existential clarity.
    2. The people who are not satisfied with the incremental growth in outer life and want to discover the secret which attract fortune and exponential growth in life.
    3. The people who want to live:- (i) fearless, greedless and fulfilled life from inward & (ii) joyful, purposeful and impactful life in outer world.

Develop your spiritual genius for FREE by downloading following guided meditation track and practice it daily. More details available at page “Free Resources” :

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