Do you want to grow spiritually but don’t want to follow any fixed spiritual practice or Guru?

I was similar few years back. I was not inclined to follow any Guru or any fixed spiritual practice but I wanted to understand what is crux of spirituality and to grow spiritually. I wanted to learn from spiritual masters but did not want to commit to any Spiritual Guru. So, I started to explore spirituality in my own way by meditating, listening and reading various contemporary spiritual masters and books.

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Instantaneous Self-Realization


Enlightenment, Self-realization, or Self-knowledge does not require much knowledge. Rather, accumulated knowledge is a hindrance to Self-knowledge. For Self-knowledge, only a sharp and open mind is needed which can reason on being pointed out.

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Are you meditating but not progressing spiritually?

Are you practicing meditation but feeling that you are not progressing on the spiritual path? Spiritual realization is less about doing and more about dissociation from false identification of Self. So, meditation alone will not lead you to spiritual realization. But, meditation, combined with spiritual understanding will lead you to progress spiritually.

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