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When you not only know but also feel that you are here in this world just for a limited period then such awareness transforms your life in many ways. It makes you a better person as it ignites positive emotions and subdues negative ones. It makes you a wiser person as it helps you discriminate between what is important and what is superficial. It creates a sense of urgency to live and forces you to take action for the things which truly matter to you. It brings out your hidden talents and potential. It inspires you to make the best use of your time and this life.

‘Live Before You Die’ reminds you that the opportunity of being alive is a rare and ultra-precious gift and helps you to use this awareness to:

  1. Break mental barriers
  2. Defeat fear of death
  3. Activate optimum-level playing attitude
  4. Master your emotions and build empowering habits
  5. Listen to your inner calling and discover your life purpose
  6. Live a truly fulfilling life

‘Live Before You Die’ also presents a powerful and scientifically crafted blueprint to harness your highest potential to fulfill your loftiest dreams. Inside this book, you would also find frameworks to discover:

  1. Your core drives
  2. Your personality type
  3. Your dominant values.
  4. How to audit 8 major areas of your life.
  5. How to set and achieve goals in your life without being overwhelmed.
  6. How to design your life in such a way that fulfills your worldly needs and also
    satiates your soul.