Spiritual growth is less about doing and more about surrendering and allowing to happen. Setting your intention to grow on this path and surrendering and asking universe to help and guide you, before you start meditating, is key element for faster growth on this path. So, it is recommended that while using and practicing any meditation tool given here or anywhere else, take few seconds to set your intention, surrender and ask help from universe and then start meditating. I am confident and I pray that universe will help you. 


1. Use earphone while listening and practicing below guided meditation track.

2. ‘Identity Balancing’ meditation track is mainly a follow-up and daily practice tool for the readers of “The Power of Awakened Mind” who already know the context of this practice. However, it is equally beneficial for anyone who has a little bit prior exposure to any form of meditation. 


Powerful 10 minutes ‘Identity Balancing’ Guided meditation: